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1) Party Pig™
Whole Roast Pig, Slow Smoked And Elaborately Presented With Fruit & Apple In Mouth!

2) Party Pig™ Pulled Pork
Boneless, Spice Rubbed Roast Pork Pieces In Our Signature Bbq Sauce

3) Bbq Boneless Leg Of Lamb From the Grill

4) Bbq Boneless Turkey Breast Fillet
(Teriyaki, Orange Ginger, Honey Garlic, Bbq)

5) Bbq Beef Brisket – Gently Smoked for 14 hours

6) Boneless Bbq Hip Of Beef
Tumbled In Mild Spices And Gently Smoked

7) Bbq Boneless Chicken Breast
(Honey Garlic, Southwest Spice Rubbed, Lemon Herb, Bbq)

8) Bbq Baby Back Ribs – Slow Smoked, Mouth Watering!

9) Bbq ‘Oktoberfest' Sausage
Many Flavours Of Our Famous Gently Smoked Sausages!

10) Bbq Skewers & KabobsFrom the Grill
Turkey Breast, Chicken Breast, Lamb,
Steak, Sirloin Beef, Shrimp, Salmon,
Vegtables, Etc...

11) Bbq Maple Glazed Whole Salmon Fillets

12) Bbq Beef Burgers &
Bbq 'Redhot' Hot Dogs

13) Bbq Angus Beef Burgers &
Bbq Smoked Sausage on a Bun

      Custom Grill Items On Request


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