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Salad Varieties

 1) POTATO SALAD - creamy dressing, real bacon, and egg

2) COLESLAW (TRADIONAL) - fresh cabbage, carrots, onions, and celery with creamy or vinaigrette dressing

3) COLESLAW (TRI-COLOUR) – bok choy, red & green cabbage, creamy dressing

4) PASTA SALAD - tender tri-colour pasta with crisp vegetables and Italian dressing

5) CHICK PEA/ TOMATO/ CUCUMBER SALAD -with fresh mint, coloured peppers, & feta cheese

6) CARROT 'COPPER PENNY' SALAD - carrot medallions, green peppers, celery, & green onions in a catalina dressing

7) ASIAN SALAD - an assortment of crisp vegetables, water chestnuts, & Chinese noodles

8) GREEK PASTA SALAD - penne pasta in an Italian dressing with feta cheese, black olives, peppers & red onions

9) RICE SALAD - colourful & tasty, loaded with vegetables

10) BEAN SALAD - a variety of tender green, yellow, & assorted beans with vegetables & vinaigrette

11) MACARONI SALAD – creamy classic with tuna, chicken, turkey or ham

12) BROCCOLI SALAD - creamy dressing, real bacon, & sunflower seeds

13) FRESH VEGETABLE MEDLEY SALAD - a large assortment of multicoloured vegetables in a tangy dressing

14) SEAFOOD PASTA SALAD - tri-coloured rotini, fresh vegetables & seafood

15) CHICKEN OR TURKEY PASTA SALAD – Tri-coloured rotini, fresh veggies, & poultry with herb vinaigrette

16) SHRIMP RICE SALAD - tasty salad shrimp, vegetables & rice with a light soya sauce or raspberry vinaigrette

17) MEDITERRANEAN SALAD - marinated artichockes, mushrooms, red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, chick peas and zuchini

18) TOMATO CUCUMBER SALAD – with red onions and vinaigrette



21) VEGETABLE TRAY with DIP - Ranch, Country Vegetable, French Onion, Honey-Curry, Blue Cheese or Hummus

22) BABY SPINACH SALAD with citrus, dried cranberries and almonds

23) ROMAINE SALAD with red onions, fresh sliced mushrooms, cucumbers, and bean sprouts in a raspberry or classic vinaigrette

24) GREEK SALAD with feta cheese and black olives

25) CAESAR SALAD with creamy dressing, crisp bacon and fresh croutons

26) SPINACH SALAD with eggs, bacon and poppy seed dressing

27) FRUIT SALAD - Fresh hand cut honey dew, cataloupe, watermelon, pineapple, grapes, kiwi & strawberries in a sparkling orange gloss



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